Timeless Elegance: RmKV’s Sarees Inspired by Indian Heritage

In the rich history of Indian Culture, sarees stand as a timeless symbol of grace, tradition and elegance. At the…

rmkv new products launch press meet

A Recap of RmKV’s Stellar Media Meet for the 2023 Festive Collections

Unveiling Artistry and Innovation: A Recap of RmKV’s Stellar Media Meet for the 2023 Festive Collections : A Brief Introduction…

best-colors-for-brides this wedding season text with rmkv silk sarees background

Best Colors for Brides this Wedding Season: A Palette of Timeless Elegance and Modern Romance

Hey there, lovely brides-to-be!  So, you’re all set to embark on your journey towards the most beautiful day of your…

Tips to Select a Wedding Bridal Kanchipuram Saree 

The journey of selecting your bridal Kanchipuram saree should be as memorable as the wedding day itself. It’s not just about choosing a garment but about finding a piece of art that resonates with your unique personality and complements the joy and beauty of your special day. 

Pink Handwoven Tie & Dye Single Ikat Silk Saree

Six must-have ethnic wear trends for 2023 

The year’s most talked-about trends are all about bold experimentation. Expect a fusion of styles, colours that pop, and silhouettes…

Tree of life Kanchipuram handloom silk saree

THE BLESSED HARVEST: Kanchipuram motifs inspired by abundance 

Handloom Kanchipuram silk sarees are filled with motifs of prosperity and fulfillment. Drawn from mythology and the bounty of Nature,…

Ikat Silk Saree

Handwoven ikat sarees – A tale of trade and tradition

A tale of trade and tradition

RmKV Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The colours of Kanchipuram

The rich tones of Kanchipuram silk sarees reveal the most telling details about the town, whether it’s the sacred hymns…

Kanchipuram Traditional Korvai Saree

THE TEMPLE MOTIF: Where weaving meets worship

Like the structure that inspires it, the temple motif is subtle and yet rich with meaning. Could the temple pattern…

Customized Saree

Sarees that aren’t just made exclusively for you, but also by you

With RmKV, you can now customize your sarees right down to the last detail.  Remember that old saree of mom’s…